Product Development

How it works

First Steps:

  • Remote or on-site game design and consultation. Includes meeting with our game designer and researchers, this does not include travel charges if necessary.

Media Collecting:

  • You will be provided with a list of needed media, images, and language data (stories, historical or cultural events, etc).

  • A Google spreadsheet and Dropbox folder will be provided for you to fill out.

  • If you handle this portion of the process, there is no charge. If you would like us to source this data, an hourly rate will apply.

Graphic Design:

  • Our design team will then compile all the organized media and create a prototype of your card or board game.

Play Testing:

  • We will produce on full test copy and either send it to you to play test with the focused age group or we can travel and meet with you to play test (the latter is preferable)


  • Sometimes we find that there will be a small series of revisions to the game after play-testing.


  • The game is done!

  • Enjoy your new game!

Why it’s great and essential

Research and development is a vital part  of Native Teaching Aids' commitment to meeting targeted educational goals and  tailoring products for clients' specific languages and cultures.

We often create new products based on questions, suggestions, needs, and interests expressed by clients and other members of the tribal or business communities, as well as our staff.

Although physical and digital product development may have different requirements, all steps are taken in collaboration with and with the approval of the client. In some cases, clients prefer to provide us with writing, photos, and videos that they wish to be included. In other cases, Native Teaching Aids does the required research, creates a prototype, and then makes revisions requested by the client. By either method, Native Teaching Aids is committed to arriving at products that meet the needs of their clients.

Playtesting the upcoming Feasts or Famine Game for FlatheadTech4Good

Playtesting the upcoming Feasts or Famine Game for FlatheadTech4Good

Native Teaching Aids is a company that has left an impression on Native American communities in Montana and in our community here in Washington State. ... The Kalispel Tribe of Indians is in the process of developing language materials such as board games, online learning tools and apps with Native Teaching Aids. We are very excited to continue our collaboration with them in the future.
— Stanley Bluff, Jr., Language Program Director, Kalispel Tribe of Indians