Indigenous Board and Card Games

As Education faculty at SKC, I have clearly seen the incredible learning opportunities and engagement our students have when they play the various educational games Native Teaching Aids has produced.
— Michael Munson, Salish Kootenai College

Native Teaching Aids board and card games are educational, fun, and promote an atmosphere of cultural and language immersion.

Tribal History Games

Our tribal history games offer a comprehensive view of a specific tribe's history from an Indigenous perspective. Each timeline-based card game, is created in collaboration with the focus tribe and distributed with their approval. We currently offer Blackfeet, Salish and Pend d'Orielle, and Little Shell editions, and at least nine more are expected to be published in the near future. Our history game series is appropriate for 2-8 players, ages 8 and above.


Regional History Games

Native Teaching Aids has also created a series of 12 regional history games, each teaching the history of indigenous people in a particular area of North America. 

In addition, we offer the Montana Native History game, which details the history of the Indigenous people who have inhabited the land we now know as Montana.

Social and Legal Issues

Our Laws and Treaties game takes a comprehensive look at the laws and treaties made, altered, and broken between the indigenous people and the U.S. and Canadian governments. 

The Indigenous Rights Game allows players to learn about the rights given to Indigenous People by the U.S. and Canadian governments, and how those rights have been upheld or abandoned.

Language and Culture Games

Each of  our language and culture games are designed and developed in collaboration with and with the approval of tribal leaders and councils. The language, linguistics, and cultural content represent the tribe's heritage and are focused on specific goals. Our games are designed for specific age ranges, preschool through adult. 

All of our products are created in such a way that they can be readily transformed to represent another language and culture. We currently offer games in the Salish, Blackfeet, Little Shell and Crow languages, and a wide variety of new products are currently being developed with eight additional tribes. Watch for upcoming exciting games!


Flashcards and Matching Games

Our Flashcards and Matching games include colorful images, indigenous words, and phonetic pronunciations.

Buffalo Stampede

This fast-paced matching game will leave you and your friends laughing and learning an indigenous language at the same time.

Blackfeet Conversation Card Games

Apistiotaki (Make) teaches about Blackfeet culture and language as players make, trade, and sell traditional products at market. Players of Ponoka Ipsstao'kiwa (Elk Has Moved In) try to keep animals from moving into their house and moving into their opponents' homes.

In playing  Iiniiwaahkaat (Picking Berries), players gather berries to feed their tribe. Included are conversation cards that provide applicable Blackfeet phrases (with phonetic pronunciations provided) that allow players to converse in Blackfeet while playing the game.

Salish Conversation Card Games

K'wul (Make) teaches about Salish culture and language as players make, trade, and sell traditional products at market. Players of Sne Cn?utxw Citxw (Elk In The House) try to keep animals from moving into their house and moving into their opponents' homes.

Salish Phrase Builder Series

In this series of three games, players use cards from their own hand to change sentences created by their opponents. All changes must make sense and be gramatically correct.  


Culture Journey Board Games

Our exciting board game series is in development! Our Culture Journey board game is the initial release and is currently being developed in four languages. Be sure to watch for it!


The resources developed by Native Teaching Aids have the potential to positively impact student awareness and understanding regarding a more accurate and inclusive history that includes American Indian perspectives. ..... We acknowledge these efforts and have purchased their Montana Native History for distribution in public schools in Montana.
— Mike Jetty, Indian Education Specialist, Montana Office of Public Insruction