Intellectual Property Rights

Your Intellectual Property Rights and Native Teaching Aids

Native Teaching Aids is a company that creates physical and digital materials for indigenous language, culture, and history. We collaborate with tribes and communities to create accurate materials for use in schools, at home, and the general public.
Native Teaching Aids (NTA) believes in the vital importance of retaining, preserving and revitalizing Indigenous culture, language and history to inspire communities everywhere. Our products are a resource for tribes, schools, students and families. As architects of our own industry, our products are unique, offered from an Indigenous perspective, and tribally approved. Through inspiration and education, we aim to instill Indigenous pride, help preserve endangered languages, and eradicate stereotypes embedded in the general public for over a century. Native Teaching Aids is committed to collaborating with tribal leaders and staff members to create products that are accurate, high quality, educational and fun.

We use a collaboration method to produce our materials. We do not claim to be experts in your culture, language, or history. By creating educational materials with our collaborative model, Native Teaching Aids hopes to be a contributor to revitalization efforts.

Intellectual Property Rights

Native Teaching Aids recognizes and acknowledges that the rights of all indigenous community’s cultural content is that of the community. All rights to the language or content are property of your organization or tribe. Also, any reprinting, sale or distribution is strictly prohibited unless stipulated by the agreement.

Native Teaching Aids only retains the rights to the framework designs of their digital content, and to the game concepts.

With the collaboration model that Native Teaching Aids follows we intend that this will not only produce accurate and useful educational products for the community at large, but also create long lasting relationships between the community and Native Teaching Aids.