Native American Culture Archive- (NACA)

Our Native American Culture Archive (NACA) is first and foremost a community managed and administrated multimedia dictionary template. Dictionary content includes audio and video components, as well as phonetic, grammatical and definition content.

The administrator of the NACA system can easily add content to the dictionary as new words, photos, videos and other content becomes available.



The NACA dictionary content is then leveraged to create a language lesson system, interactive cultural location maps, and a cultural media archive to digitally archive and search cultural video, audio and image content.

The NACA interactive cultural location map apps use GPS technology along with written, audio, and video displays. They allow tribal communities to promote and honor their heritage locations with accuracy and sensitivity.


Many tribal communities have a treasure of artifacts and information that are largely unavailable, simply because they have no way to catalog and/or share them. Our NACA template provides a way to digitally archive those treasures, including written information, photos and videos. The archive can then be searched by researchers and others interested in expanding their knowlege and understanding of tribal culture.

For a sample of the NACA template, visit Piikani Paitapiisin site with the content supplied by the Pikuni Studies Department at Blackfeet Community College and Blackfeet Tribal Planning Department for the interactive map feature.