Our Team

Rebecca Goff, Executive Director

As Executive Director, Rebecca Goff oversees the company, serves as primary client contact, offers linguistic consulting, leads workshops, and presents at conferences, schools, and tribal council meetings. Linguistic and research interns/employees are under her supervision, as is the Office Manager.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from St. Catherine University in Saint Paul, Minnesota  and a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics from the University of Montana at Missoula. She has been invited to speak at conferences and present workshops in several states about linguistics and Native Teaching Aids.   Her previous work in the retail sector has been valuable in NTA's product development and marketing. She and her husband, Brandon, are avid board game players and strongly believe in the power of games to teach concepts, critical thinking and communication.

Brandon Goff, Creative Director

As Creative Director and co-founder of Native Teaching Aids, he is our lead technical and design trainer for our interns / employees as well as oversees the software development and design teams. He also oversees the general operation of our publishing house.

Brandon Goff has been developing web content for over 20 years. He began his work as an independent graphic designer and web developer in Minneapolis, MN, later founding Meta-Forge LLC. Among his major clients have been Harley Davidson, Target, United Health Care, and General Mills. Also of note is his creation of a 4 volume CD-ROM music educational game and experience series for an organization called A+, that went into production and was sold commercially.


Avery Old Coyote, Lead Game Developer

As the Lead Game Developer, Avery Old Coyote brings his creative output and his extraordinary talent of collaboration to his game designs.  He is the mastermind behind Cards Against Colonialism.

Avery Old Coyote has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Resource Conservation with a minor in Native American Studies from the University of Montana at Missoula. He is currently pursuing his Masters Degree at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana and is studying abroad in Mongolia for the Summer of 2017.



Dannii Yarbrough, Vice President of Linguistic Research


As Vice President of Linguistic Research, Dannii Yarbrough oversees game design to ensure that the format is customized to reflect the individual linguistic structure and integrity of each unique language. She also responsible for mentoring incoming summer linguistic interns, data management and organization, and occasionally assisting with artwork for packaging. 

Currently, she is a PhD student studying at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in the Department of Linguistics specializing in Language Documentation and Conservation. She currently holds her Master of Arts degree in Linguistics from the University of Montana and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an emphasis in Linguistics from Boise State University. While at the University of Montana she was a founding member of the Sacred Roots Language Society, a student run organization dedicated to raising awareness for the status of and revitalization efforts for Montana's indigenous languages. 

Additionally, she has a background in language acquisition theory, pedagogical methods, and materials development. She has taught English to international students at University of Montana, as well as, elder refugees to aid them in gaining citizenship as part of Project S.H.I.N.E. (Students Helping In the Naturalization of Elders) at the English Language Center in Boise, Idaho. She comes to our team with a passion for learning and teaching languages, the empowerment languages bring to their communities, and real world applications for linguistic theory.

Naatosi Fish, Lead Marketer

As the lead Marketer, Naatosi manages NTA’s social media, and develops content including blog posts, a Youtube Channel and a podcast. Naatosi also creates digital ads.

Naatosi Fish is an alum of the Cutswood Blackfeet Immersion school.  From his experience with the school, he developed a passion for language revitalization which led   his current position with Native Teaching Aids. Naatosi holds a degree in Community Health, with a minor in linguistics, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration.  He plans to take his education back home on the Blackfeet Reservation to work on community building projects and improve Blackfeet Language Curriculums. 

Jesse DesRosier, Artistic Design

As the Artistic Design Specialist, Jesse Desrosier has been dedicated to create images for our products that are culturally appropriate.  His artistic talents give a clean and refreshing look to all of our products.

Aisinaipoyi, (Jesse Desrosier) attended Cuts Wood School from 4th-8th grade and was part of the original Iitookskiitaks (Lost Children) group.  He went on to graduate Browning High School in 2007,  joined the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged in 2011.  Aisinaipoyi graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor's of Arts in Native American Studies in Anthropology in 2017, and is one of the co-founders of the Sacred Roots Language Society.

Kaylene Big Knife - Graphic Artist


Kaylene Big Knife is a Chippewa Cree graphic designer and illustrator. As a Graphic Artist, Kaylene designs artwork for games, logos, and websites. She incorporates her own artwork and that of other indigenous artists to make our games look professional and fun.

Kaylene holds a masters in Linguistics with a focus on Native American Languages. In her off time she writes, illustrates, and distributes her own Indigenous comic series.

Instagram - @BigKnifeDesign


Thomas Koefod - Web Software Engineer

As head software engineer Thomas develops and designs digital learning tools such as apps, websites, and games.

Carolyn Koefod - Accountant

Carolyn grew up in Minnesota. She moved with her husband and cat to Montana to be a part of the amazing team that makes up Native Teaching Aids. She does accounting and general office work and enjoys being a part of a company that aims to make a difference in the lives of so many people.