Cards For Decolonization


Cards For Decolonization


Cards For Decolonization, formerly known as Cards Against Colonialism, is a satire and humor based game created by and for native people.

We are stronger when we laugh and humor makes it easier to talk about difficult issues. Cards For Decolonization attempts to embrace the modern Native Culture, and allows us to learn and laugh at the same time. 

" through this short and profound experience,  I realized how putting these stereotypes on the table can help with the decolonization of the individuals who would be playing the game. It also drives the conversation to a deeper level, shift paradigms and awakens consciousness. It leads to storytelling of one's culture, which can be liberating, transformative and set the trajectory for culture healing and revitalization.....and it is so hilariously wrong!"~Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell Hawaiian

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This game consists of 380 White Cards and 100 Red Cards, white cards include subtext on the bottom of the card for more insight into the topic.

This game is intended as a work of satire and to acknowledge the stereotypes of the indigenous communities.  
This game was created in collaboration with multiple members of the tribal communities, and employees of Native Teaching Aids. 

Thank you to Cards Against Humanity for their Creative Commons Licensing that helped make this game possible.