Native Teaching Aids creates, develops, produces and distributes teaching materials focusing on Indigenous languages, cultures, and histories, all from an Indigenous perspective and with tribal collaboration.


Our Mission

Native Teaching Aids believes in the vital importance of retaining, preserving and revitalizing Indigenous culture, language and history to inspire communities everywhere. Native Teaching Aids develops, designs and creates educational and entertaining materials with a focus on indigenous language, culture and history. Our products are a resource for tribes, schools, students and families. As architects of our own industry, our products are unique, offered from an Indigenous perspective, and tribally approved. Through inspiration and education, we aim to instill Indigenous pride, help preserve endangered languages, and eradicate stereotypes embedded in culture for over a century. Native Teaching Aids is committed to collaborating with tribal leaders and staff members to create products that are accurate, high quality, educational and fun!

This company believes in the importance of collaboration with tribal communities in order to ensure the accuracy and quality of materials that they develop. We acknowledge these efforts, attest to their integrity, and wholeheartedly express our support of Native Teaching Aids.
— Jonathon Richter, Salish Kootenai College

Helping to bring the language home again

  • We collaborate with tribal councils and communities to develop materials that are needed, accurate and culturally sensitive
  • We publish materials only after they have been approved by tribal authorities
  • A percentage of all our game sales is returned to the focus tribe to help provide funding for additional product development
  • We are committed to producing products that are educational, fun, of high quality, and affordable
  • Native Teaching Aids embraces a Native American-preferred hiring policy
  • All NTA employees must demonstrate a knowledge of, passion for, and respect for Native American cultures, languages and people
  • We offer our tribal clients the option of providing us with their own cultural and language data ... or we are happy to research, study and input needed data
  • Our location allows us to contribute to the economies of nearby reservations